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STAR Framework

STAR Rating

STAR Score


STAR Rating System

Score of 0%–19.99%

Score of 20%–39.99%

Score of 40%–59.99%

Score of 60%–79.99%

Score of 80%–100%

The School Transparency and Reporting (STAR) Framework is DC's school accountability system. Each school receives a rating of 1 to 5 stars, with 5 being the highest, based on its performance across multiple metrics. Not Applicable means the school did not meet the minimum population size to generate a score or was not in operation during the previous school year.

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STAR Score Trend

2018-19 30.17%
2017-18 23.41%

School Support Designations

Targeted Support 1

Schools receiving this designation have at least one student group that is performing at or below the level of the lowest performing schools in DC, which are the schools designated for Comprehensive Support 1. These low performing student groups are defined as "consistently underperforming" and schools will develop a plan, utilizing additional resources and supports to address this identified performance gap. The student group is included in the designation so that a plan can be developed to address the identified gap.

Identified Student Groups: At-Risk

Student Group Scores

The STAR Framework measures how the school is supporting the performance of each student group in every metric. The combined student group scores generate the STAR Framework score. Explore the data below to see performance within each student group to identify areas of success and those with room for improvement. View the video linked above to learn more about how student group scores contribute to the school’s STAR Score.

Student groupsScore
All Students 24.92%
Students with Disabilities 21.15%
At Risk 30.92%
Black/African-American 31.25%

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